Party Like a Wrap Star!When signing up to become an “It Works!” distributor there are some things that if you know up front will make it easier. For example, when I signed up I did not consider that purchasing the products I wanted at the same time would save money on shipping. I was so excited to get the “It Works!” business starter kit, and first box of wraps (included with the starter kit) that I just ordered it. The next day I realized not only were there other products I wanted to try, but I needed more wraps if I was going to “party”, or blitz and sell them. So before you sign up, prepare your list and figure out what you want to include in your order to both save on shipping and get your business started.

Navigating Through the Signup Process
On the first screen you’ll provide your basic information.

Next you’ll choose the $99 Distributor Kit, which includes 1 box of 4 Ultimate Body Applicators. You can choose to use these, or turn around and sell these for the retail price of $25 each. If you choose to sell them you will get back your initial investment.

On the next screen it will ask you if you want to “boost”. You should consider doing this, as the one box of wraps that comes with the business starter kit is not enough to launch a business. You need to have enough wraps on hand. Once you start telling friends and family about this “crazy wrap thing” they will be excited and want to try it ASAP. You can’t wrap people if you don’t have wraps!

There are two booster kit options. Keep in mind that the Mini Booster Kit is ONLY available when you first sign up. It is SUCH a deal, and you would be crazy not to take advantage of getting it. The “regular” Booster Kit is available at any time, and also offers you the chance to make some good money by reselling the products. Here are the details on the two kits:

Booster Kit
Cost: $499 – selling the wraps and facials at retail ($25 each) will return up to $1,100. That’s $601 PROFIT from the wraps and facials alone. This is the ultimate kit for hitting the ground running and setting up wrap parties. This is enough for 4 parties (assuming 8 wrapping customers and a third of them wanting facials).

Mini Booster Kit
Cost: $149 – selling the wraps and facials at retail ($25 each) will return up to $300. That’s $151 PROFIT from the wraps and facials alone. This is enough for 1 party (assuming 8 wrapping customers, and half of them wanting facials), and some left over products for your own personal use.

Next you need to setup your $80 BV autoship. This is not mandatory, BUT it is VERY important! You won’t be bonus-qualified if you aren’t setup for autoship. There are a lot of bonuses offered the first month, don’t miss out by neglecting this step. Your first autoship will be sent out 30 days after your sign-up.

Next you need to come up with a name for your business. This name will appear in your “It Works” replicated website. For example the business name I signed up with was “quickslimwraps” – so my replicated website (where people go to purchase products from you) is: – so choose a name that reflect your business. One requirement is that the name does not include “It Works”.

Ok, that’s it, you are ready to check out! Choose the shipping method for your “It Works!” Distributor and Booster Kit. Now you’re in business with one of the best companies in the Network Marketing industry, CONGRATULATIONS!!

Contact Me
Also, don’t forget to let me know you’ve signed up, because I’ve got LOTS of info on how to successfully launch your “It Works!” business. In addition to this info our team has a private Facebook support group of folks around the country, all of which are there to welcome and answer any questions you may have. There are tons of tips, support materials, and new friends waiting for you!